Our heavenly stairway

31 Mar

Hola / Bonjour / G’day,

This week’s news is all about the ups and downs at Le Barry. Whilst the floods were drowning Wagga Wagga and the biggest earthquake in twenty-five years was shaking the artist residencies of Mexico City, things were going up and down, up and down, up and down in France.

Now happily reunited,  we are keen to share the latest happenings at Le Barry.

Big news: After four centuries, Le Barry now has the affordance of a stunning cedar staircase. Hewn from local timber and shaped by a local craftsman, our very own master builder Jeanot has locked this work of art into place. It took several days to assemble the stairs into the tight spot, but  Carol and Jeanot have now successfully (and beautifully) linked the lower two floors of the house. Sunlight now graces every corner of the kitchen. This, alongside Carol’s incredible work on re-pointing the kitchen walls has really lightened the room and pretty much, well, transformed it into a not quite finished kitchen/ diner!

As you can see the staircase arrived in pieces.

Staircase leaving Le Campmas.

Ready to assemble in the kitchen at Le Barry

It’s a tight space to fit a set of stairs but Jeanot worked out that we could drop the stairs just between the two kitchen doors.

Fitting the staircase, Le Barry

Starting from the bottom, Le Barry

Nearly There, Le Barry

Nearly There, Le Barry

Cuppa anyone?


This staircase will revolutionise life at Le Barry. For one thing you will no longer have to face the elements in your undies when you are trying to either 1) get breakfast in bed for your lover, 2) refresh your Pastis, 3) take a shower. Now you can elegantly descend the stairs with champagne flutes in hand and your modesty intact, and all without getting your feet wet.

To close this post, we’ve mentioned the ups, there were also a couple of downs this week.

A minor incident with a chainsaw, thigh and falling tree. Followed by a near anaphalactic bee sting. The workforce was halved for a day, as Jeanot regained his composure at Le Campmas. No workers comp here.

Until next week. Onwards and upwards!

M and J x


2 Responses to “Our heavenly stairway”

  1. jbc March 31, 2012 at 10:50 PM #

    After four centuries I can feel Le barry smiling and feeling the love in restoring “her” to her beauty again!
    Nothing like family to overstep the workers rights!
    Keep up the more than great work!

  2. Justy Phillips April 1, 2012 at 1:47 AM #

    Thanks JBC, we thought a day off from the coal face WAS enough worker’s comp for Jeanot!
    M and J X

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