Our first resident correspondents a.k.a. Helen (Hes, Toby, sister) and Sampson Phillips

9 Mar

Toby has formally taken up residence at Le Barry! Since early Febuary we have our first resident and her cat Sampson inhabiting a small piece of paradise-in-the-making in Mas Cabardes.

Le Barry lounge March 2014

They arrived under a fold of darkeness after an epic drive from the north of England, managing to avoid the English floods but not the French snow. Toby and Sampson are now settled in at Le Barry, just about managing to stay warm with the help of SYLVIA  (the temperamental woodstove).


Sampson has met the local cats and seems to be holding his own. Thankfully he hasn’t yet been face to face with wild boars in the garden (remember last year!). Toby has fashioned a homely corner for her studies and despite the ever falling trees is making the not so arduous journey up to Carol and Jeannot’s for dinner… lunch… breakfast… aperetifs…NOW and THEN!


She’s even made (invisible) friends with the locals to practice her conversational French skills in the home. We love this.



And after…


Not sure why he is bringing diet coke to dinner???

and in breaking news…Jeanot gives Helen her fisrt tractor lesson which will come in handy for future fallen trees and any number of other encounters in the forest! We love this too. Go Toby Go!!!!!


A bientot. M and J and our correspondent in residence H  xxx


One Response to “Our first resident correspondents a.k.a. Helen (Hes, Toby, sister) and Sampson Phillips”

  1. julia March 9, 2014 at 8:38 AM #

    That looks so nice down there. And the haircut of the invisible friend is amazing !!!

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