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To bath or not to bathe, that is the question…

2 Feb

This has been the burning question for the last four years, drawing every member of the family into hot debate (read water). As you know the top floor of Le Barry used to house a modest (very) bathroom. That is…up until last week when we finally pulled down the bathroom walls (most of them) to  reveal the true romantic leanings of the room.


Now here’s the thing. Justy (being English and all) harbours a burning desire to have a bath in the bedroom. Because of the way the room is situated, the bath would need to be an open-plan feature. There will be a toilet and basin up here too and they would have some kind of wall separating them from view! So imagine if you will, your lover snoozing in the bed, you snoozing in the bath, eyes right and looking straight onto a romantic green forested valley through the open window. Nice non?


Is that just a little bit ‘ouvert’ for your liking? Margaret wants a bath, deep down she knows it…but is a little skeptical of the popularity of such a plan. Can anyone help Justy out here? I WANT THAT BATH.

oh, and it probably means a bit less wardrobe space (like maybe none at all)…and a reinforced floor (but you don’t need to worry about that).

Imagine  a roll top bath just where the dog is mooching in this image…

Image 1

See the light streaming in now! The wall on the right of the yellow window will also come down so you will feel the full throw of the room.

Please send us your thoughts about the bath we beg of you. It’s gridlock here. The really important thing is this: This is the only place we can put a bath, so it’s here in the open or not at all and you’ll have to use the shower on the ground floor…

And to finish this week… some rhubarb from the garden our dear friends.

Image 3

next week, Justy’s sister Helen (a.k.a.Toby) is taking up residence at Le Barry for a few months. She’ll be cracking the whip, feeding the chickens (when they arrive) and eating and sleeping and studying (some of the time). She is very very funny and because of this we are giving her special dispensation to author posts on our splendid blog. Watch this space…

Au Revoir nos amis, xx J and M



18 Apr

Raise the roof! Hallelujah! We are heading to France with the Easter bunnies on Friday. Yes it’s been a while since the last post. You’ve heard it all before. We’ve been sooooo busy that all we’ve managed are a few softly spoken whispers at the end of the day, crossing off the sleeps until we step foot in Le Barry. Only 3 to go and we’ll be sipping that G & T in the air.

There have been developments afoot (or rather aroof) at Mas Cabardes. The roof has been taken apart and put back together by our extraordinary team of roofers ( Carol and papa J), and we can safely report that there will be no need for workers comp this week. No one fell off the roof, although there was a lot of rain followed by hours of blasting sunshine to beat the workers into the hot clay. No Icarus, just Carol as a beetroot-coloured withering wallflower (no images we’re afraid) and her strong man tied to a climbing rope at the end of the day.

Safety helmet anyone??

We promised Vide Grenier (attic sale) news. We don’t have any. But rest assured we’ll be shopping our little butts (or large french ones) off every weekend and will send snaps of the booty as we go.

As of the weekend, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves, donning our work clothes and snipping, chipping, filling, chiselling, electrocuting, plastering, painting, and working our busman’s holiday hearts out.

Enjoy all the chocolate and hot cross buns. With a roof above our heads we’ll raise a croissant and bowl of chocolat to you as we rise…late from our slumbers in the french countryside.

love to you all

M and J

Let them seep well.

Spring into Autumn

27 Mar

So, another week passes in Le Barry and Le Wagga and Le Melbourne and Le Canberra. Busy busy jet-setting lives we lead! Finally, we are sitting down together to try and think of something tremendously witty to share with you all on a Sunday evening.


It’s spring at Le Barry and most definitely Autumn in Wagga. We have the pumpkins to prove it. They have the snowdrops and blossom. At Le Campmas (Carol and Jeannot’s home) it appears that Polly and Percy are suffering from some kind of S.A.D. syndrome, and two more pigeons are being sought this week to cheer them up and hopefully assist in the baby-pigeon-making-thing. Bob and Eddy do not appear to be suffering at all. Olga, one of Carol’s chickens died.

Spring at Le Barry. Why isn't this man working?

This week we have a great photo of Jeannot’s builders crack and Carol’s fine point work. As they continue to labour in love (apart from the odd chisel and trowel blow up on site), Le Barry is looking better than ever. Well, water tight anyway.

Jeannot removing the bedroom floor beam (not weight bearing or essential!)...Just means you won't trip over in the night.

Carol doing a magnificent job re-pointing the lounge wall.

Just to prove that we are living it up in the high life/ French style here in Wagga, we are presenting our final crop of Butternut pumpkins. There are 27. No need to count.

Eddy, protector of pumpkins and all things good in the world.

Breaking news! Carol’s just been to a vide grenier – french for ‘attic sale’ (will supply full report next week) and bought a big green arm chair for Le Barry. oh there’s deco lights, pots and pans, crockery and mockery, and so much more to be revealed in next week’s riveting installment, so sit tight and have a great week. x J and M

ugly or beautiful? who cares after a hard day on the trowel. And only 5 euros we hear you say! Incredible!

Two beam or not to beam

6 Feb

That is the question.

Well not any more. We now have two new beams at Le Barry. Boring…do I hear you say. Not so my friends. These puppies are holding up the roof that will shelter your gentle heads while you sleep the weeks away…

So here’s the story. There were two rotten beams, one in the bedroom and another in the kitchen, one very strong man (Jeannot) and his damsel and support lady (Carol). Beam one was ‘acquired’ from Lucienne and Nathalie’s farm. Lucky us to have such wonderful and generous neighbours. And it only took Jeannot and five of his closest strong men to relocate beam one to the bedroom at Le Barry. Well, the other four fellas left the beam on the bedroom floor and Jeannot lifted it single-handedly to the sky (all 140kilos. No lie) – and the high beam was at last replaced. We will all sleep safely now. Carol watched, and maybe helped a bit…

Now, let’s just say we ‘liberated’ beam two from a secret location in the forest. Needless to say, that house is no longer standing – plenty a-going on at ground level there. Pick amongst the rubble we say from afar, and the family hands picked up the jewels from the forest floor. Beady eyes and strong men catch the worms of this world. You know it.

The new beam waiting to come into the kitchen

This is what it used to look like…

then this…

and now…

Beam us up Scotty!

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