The Village

The medieval village of Mas-Cabardes is located in the heart of wild country in the deep green valleys of the Montagne Noire. Once this entire region was a stronghold of the Cathars, evidence of which can be seen throughout Mas-Cabardes and in many surrounding villages and  cities. The scenery is magnificent, verdent, sharp hillsides and wooded valleys. There are mountain lakes and plenty of country walks to keep you fit!

The village itself has a population of approximately 205. Amenities include; a school, a town hall, a police station, a shop and tourist office; and clings to the banks of the Orbiel River. The closest airport to Mas Cabardes is Carcassonne Airport (17 km) in the surrounding area are Beziers Airport (80 km), Perpignan Airport (80 km), or Toulouse Airport (86 km).

View of Mas-Cabardes looking south east. Image courtesy: Miguel Bravo

View from the Castle looking north west.

View from the castle looking east.

Images courtesy of Google Image.

Carol and Jeannot walking to Terry’s Mountain Garden, Mas-Cabardes village below.

Looking  north west back through Mas-Cabardes village with the Orbiel river below.

Looking north west, with view of the church in the distance.

View north form Le Barry of Sixteenth Century Saint Etienne church with octagonal bell tower.

The Weavers Cross (indicating the former existence of a textile business) in Mas-Cabardes ( I will find out more about it)…


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