The family

We are a family split between lives in Australia (Margaret and Justy) and lives in France (Carol and Jeannot). Carol is Justy’s mother. Jeannot is Carol’s partner. Justy is Margaret’s partner and Margaret is Carol’s daughter-in-law. Le Barry and The Fold are a family project. Between us, we also have close family members in Tasmania, Australia ( Tone, Janet and Lenny), in Melbourne, Australia ( Lucy, Sophie, Caitlin, Taf and O), in Launceston/ Bridport, Australia (Nan), in Liverpool, UK (Ben and Lorena), in London (Helen and Colin), in Alston, UK (Bart), in Paris, France (Morgane) and in Fontiers (Nana, Patrice, Anaelle and  Lucy ).

Justy and Margaret live and work in the Riverina city of Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia, which is browner, flatter and drier than Mas-Cabardes. Good for flat walking. Bad for chatting in French on street corners. Bob and Eddy also live here.

Carol and Jeannot live in the small hamlet of le Campmas, from where they make the daily journey down the very windy road to Le Barry, pull up their sleeves and chip away at the project. And with all that stonework there’s plenty of chips to be had.

You can contact us at: justy(at)

Justy and Margaret in the medieval cité of Carcassonne.

Carol and Jeannot – project managers…and entire workforce.

And the family at Le Barry, Easter 2011.

Jeannot, Carol, Lorena, Helen, Colin, Ben, Justy, Margaret





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  1. manuscript3251 September 28, 2011 at 12:05 PM #

    Lovely site – great to read and see.

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